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Joining the ranks of certified Consultants

 There is an increasing need by business and corporate sectors for experienced professionals in accounting, finance, tax, business, management and related disciplines, as organizations continue to adjust to economic uncertainties, and qualified  professionals are needed to analyze trends and manage the  financial future of organizations, guide and advise the organizations to achieve optimum financial performance and interpret accounting results and formulate growth strategies based on sound analytical principles and techniques to change the organizations’ future plans

  • As a member you have the option to promote your business through listing in the Association’s website your name and business details for potential clients to learn more of your services.
  • You are able to benefit from the many networking and business opportunities and continued professional development membership will  provide and  reinforce your status as a  trained   adviser/consultant in your respective field or career or business.
  • Associates will have all the benefits of membership except that they have no voting rights and are eligible to sit the examination of CAC program for upgrading to Certified membership.
  • After completing the Certified Asia Consultant (CAC) Program, you can describe yourself as “Certified Asian Consultant” with post nominal CAC.
  • As a CAC you will be eligible to register for the certification postgraduate equivalent programs of Certified  Financial Management Consultancy (CFMC) and/or Certified  Business Management Consultancy (CBMC).
  • A consultancy qualification equips one for a senior management position.
  • Certified members have voting rights and the right to stand for election to the Council and to describe themselves as ‘Certified Asian Consultant’ and are eligible to sit the examination of Certification program of Certified Financial Management Consultancy (CFMC) or Certified Business Management Consultancy (CBMC). A consultant is trained to have a wide knowledge in order to gain  holistic business skills
  • You will develop Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Critical Thinking Skills and Business Analysis Skills by networking with other consultants with varied skills.

For membership application please download application for and send it to Mr. TK Lee