The Asian Association of Certified Consultants was registered on   20 September 2017 under the Malaysian Societies Act 1966. The founding members were

  1. Amjath Jamal Shaik Abdul  Kader , CAC, MIPA, AFA, MBA (Finance)
  2. Dr Harwindar Singh, CAC, FIPA, FFA, PhD
  3. Tan Yen Wooi, CAC, CA (M), ACCA
  4. Lee Tiong Kheng, CAC,  FIPA, FFA, MCCS, BA (Hons) Acc
  5. Izhar Kahar CAC, FIPA, FFA, CICA, BSc Accty
  6. Dr Tan Hoi Piew, CAC, FIPA, MBA, DBA
  7. Narinder Singh, CAC, FIPA, FFA, AIIA, B.Bus (Accty)
  8. Ng Mei Choo, CAC, CA (M), MBA (Accty)
  9. Assoc. Prof. Thanga Thurai Vengadasalam  CAC, CA (M)
  10. Dominic Shum, CAC, FIPA, FFA, FICA, MCCS, MBA, BBA
  11. Chandran Kasi, AAC, CICA