Membership at AACC

20 February 2018- The Asian Association of Certified Consultants (AACC) has started to take in new members and is inviting all consultants and professionals to be certified with consulting skills to enhance their marketability and knowledge. The benefits of membership/certification includes

  • Recognition by peers as an expert in a particular field of work
  • Improve your income with professionally recognized qualifications prepared by experienced and qualified professionals
  • Boost your confidence knowing that you are the best in your field and to stand above the rest.
  • Flexible delivery and examination methods allow busy members to study at their own pace.
  • Certification is a process of determining the professionalism and knowledge of professionals in their fields of expertise. This increases the confidence of user knowing that the certified person has the prerequisite experience and knowledge to advise others in their chosen fields.
  • Valuable CPD Training Seminars

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About AACC

The Asian Association of Certified Consultants (AACC) was formed on 20th September 2017 under the Societies Act 1966.  It’s objective is to provide an organization for consultants in financial and business management, and a forum for all consultants with an interest in consultancy. To support and advance the status and interest and protect the character of the consultancy profession. The association vision is to upgrade, advance and enhance the status of members in pursuit of excellence to serve the business and corporate sectors.

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